Health & Safety

Manufacturing play equipment for kids naturally involves stringent safety measures. At Kompan Commercial Systems, we take the matter very seriously and follow a strict safety program for each playground that we design and manufacture.

At the design level: we strictly follow the EN1176 and EN1177 norms established by the European commission on play equipment. These norms cover each subject of children safety, from limbs entrapment to fire resistance.

At production level, we apply 3 distinct levels of quality control for each product that leaves our factory.

  • An external control at early production stage ensures all EN1176 norms are strictly followed.
  • An internal quality control checks that all parts manufactured meet the quality and safety specifications that make our reputation.
  • A post-installation control, carried out by independent companies, attests that the delivered playground is assembled on site according to the specifications of design.

Our company is ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. To retain these quality standards, we undergo stringent independent audits to ensure we apply our processes with consistency.

At Kompan Commecial Systems, we are proud of our safety standards, ensuring your peace of mind and the highest level of fun for your kids.